Monday, July 11, 2011

Haddonfield Art Festival 2011

Welcome to historic Haddonfield, New Jersey. It's a quaint, little town that plays host to an annual art festival each July.

The charming storefronts make a great backdrop for all the activity that takes place during the art show.

Vendors lined the streets while patrons browsed and shopped for those special purchases.

Even the local church got in on the action by catering to the thrifty shoppers in the crowd. The church had a lot of hidden gems in the basement. 

By looking at this cloudless sky, you can get an idea of how hot it was this weekend.

After leaving the festival, I had the chance to cool off in the train station. While sitting there, I was intrigued by the design that the elongated gates created.

The train tracks provide an excellent example of a vanishing point. It's a great study in perspective.

Now I'll leave you with some colorful pictures of a New Jersey garden. John's aunt knows how to make a garden an inviting experience.

One can never have too many kitties in a garden. Even those made of concrete add flair.

This guy's coming in for a landing.

~ Orbs of blue ~

~ You're a grand old flag. ~

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