Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Saturday Night at The Auction

You never know what you'll find at T. Sterling Auctions LLC (formerly known as Kemler's Auction), and last Saturday night was no different. From an artist's perspective, I enjoy taking in all of the different shapes and colors. Look at that blue and gray color scheme.

 This animal reminds me of Dr. Dillamond from the play Wicked.

~ Old tins ~

The illustrators back in the day were so talented. Everything seemed to have class in those days, and everyone took pride in the way they dressed. Today, we have baggy, slouchy, sloppy, unkempt disasters walking around with their underwear hanging out. I don't get it.  

Remember when roller skating was, in deed, competition for other businesses? They recently tore down the Roller King skating rink in Kingston, and replaced it with a health spa. It's the sign of the times.Today, I don't think kids even know what roller skating is. They should, however, put down the cookies and check out that new health spa in town.

When I was a kid, we were rollerskating in the basement so much that it started to "kick up" the concrete. Dust was everywhere. That's when Dad relegated us to the sidewalks outside, and then Skateaway was built, and I was hooked.

 ~ Shiny Brite ~

 ~ A bright, cerulean blue ~

We've come a long way from washboards. A housekeeper is your best bet. I'm still working on that one.

 Gotta love the view from the back rows! Hee! Hee!