Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Totally Wacky

The other day John brought home a stack of old stickers from Wacky Packages. If you grew up in the 70s, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The witty spoofs on everyday products coupled with the exaggerated and insane artwork on each of these stickers brings back many childhood memories.

Now I understand why John and I get along so well. We have the same warped sense of humor, and we're not afraid to show it. We always love a good laugh.

The Clammy sticker reminded John of an old neighbor we refer to as Clammy. It's a long story.

Regarding this "Hippy" tea, John loves the line "Gives you the energy to loaf, hitch hike, and avoid work."  Heee! Heee!

~Dim Lights for Dimwits~ What a great tag line.

Gotta love the look on that dog's face. It's so twisted.

When I was in school, everyone used to skip classes. I think I was the only nerd who didn't. I was always afraid of getting caught, and I didn't want to miss any of my schoolwork. Kids used to skip school every year when the circus came to town. I never understood that.

This card actually sends a good message to kids about the dangers of skipping school. How about that? I love the warning on the side of the cigarette pack that reads "Warning: Playing hookey can be dangerous to your health." Lesson learned. Stay in school, kids. Check out that dumb look on this kid's face. Priceless.

I don't think I'd like to play with moldy clay, but then again, I'm not a dope, jerk, or dummy. 


I love all kinds of artwork, so I'm certainly not an art snob. My favorites range from Rembrandt and Rubens to Mucha. I also like primitive folk art, textile designs, repeat patterns, and insane illustrations like the ones above.

When John and I were flipping through this stack of stickers, we realized that the artwork reminded us of one of our favorite artists by the name of 14. You can see her artwork on Gallery of the Absurd. This artist has a keen sense of observation and has a fabulous way of conveying what we see in the tabloids, on television, and in everyday life. If you love a good laugh, be sure to check out her artwork.

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adrienne trafford said...

i used to LOVE these cards - couldn't wait to go to the corner store (i sound 80 yrs old saying that!) to buy some!