Sunday, May 16, 2010

Junk, Junk, and More Junk

Junk, junk, and more junk and maybe a treasure or two. That's exactly what you'll find at the Berlin Market in Berlin, New Jersey.  There's nothing like digging through boxes, bags, and piles of junk to find a little something to call your own. Check out these fantastic beads and baubles. 

Hubcap, anyone?

The glass paperweight was pretty in person, but I'm not in need of one right now. If you saw my desk, you'd understand why.

What a fantastic sight it is! Countless vendors and row after row of little treasures lie waiting for new owners.

When all is said and done, relaxing at Auntie Carol's is the best. She has the prettiest yard in the neighborhood and the best cats.

Here's Nicky. He's adorable.

In this picture, Nicky reminds me so much of Chiseler. They could pass for twins from this vantage point; however, Chiseler has a unique stingray pattern on his back that is undeniably his.

Simon loves hanging around. He's a cutie too.


Lisa Johnson said...

That doesn't look like junk it looks like fun!Ü

Tina said...

How I love me a good junk find. Great

Lisa said...

I too love a good treasure hunt, but I really don't need anymore...well! Just to browse, is okay! And thanks for the walk through the garden.