Monday, June 25, 2012

OrigamiUSA's Annual Convention

The exhibits at OrigamiUSA's annual convention in New York City were amazing. I was blown away by all the talent in the room. These flowers look real both up close and from a distance.

I was impressed with this black couch, accent pillows, and throw rug. It's amazing what an artist can do with paper.

 I overheard a person mentioning that these insects were anatomically correct. Look at all those details.

 ~ A colorful flower bouquet ~

~ A free-form sculpture ~

~ A burst of interlocking color ~

Now this is my kind of paper folding! George Washington always looks fabulous on anything his face appears on. Check out those rings.

This life-size dragon sculpture will give you an idea of how talented these origami artists are. I'd imagine you'd need a huge studio or workspace to fold paper this large.

Don't fear the reaper.

The two sculptures in the back remind me of doughnuts.

~ A turkey and an armadillo ~

We were blessed with a beautiful day in New York City on Saturday.

~ Blue skies ~

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