Saturday, March 17, 2012

Junkin' at Kemler's Auction

Auction night at Kemler's Auctions in Bloomsburg is always a treat. You never know what you'll come across. Is that a little leprechaun I see? I didn't even notice that little figurine when I snapped the picture. I was originally intrigued by the framed artwork.

That's a bright yellow!

I'm guessing this is a portrait of Scarlet and Rhett Butler. Any other guesses?  

I love that little, plastic kitty. The toy revolver resembles a Smith & Wesson 317 .22LR Air Lite. The scruffy dog in the back of the picture looks like he can use a good home.

~Cherries, lemons, and limes~

There were plenty of seats available during the preview.

Here's a better picture of that lovely landscape painting. Check out all the Native American collectibles. Neat!

I love the cut on this Eisenhower jacket. Now I'm picturing both Generals Eisenhower and Patton and how sharp they always looked in photographs.

~A wicker baby carriage~

Here's a shot of Johnny Boy doing what he loves best: junkin'.

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Tina said...

This looks like so much fun. I'm going to have to check it out now that we are getting settled. We moved only about half an hour from bloomsburg. Love me some junkin'
Thanks for posting