Monday, March 12, 2012

The Color of Junk

While sifting through box lots at the Berlin Farmer's Market this weekend, I was captivated by all the colors. These chintzy medals cast a golden glow and seemed to provide a natural background for all the other colors sporadically strewn throughout the box.

I see cerulean blue and midnight blue in this box. Mint green and sap green make an appearance as well.

This imitation milk glass is white, but when you look at the photograph, you can see hints of gray and a bit of green.

I was looking at the costume jewelry when Johnny Boy snapped my picture. Look at that bright blue bangle! It jumps right off the table.

You can't give away old insulators, but I've always admired the green insulators. I always see viridian green when I'm looking at them.

Discarded metal objects create a mix of gray, blue, gold, and copper.

The deep, rich blue of the dish is a stark contrast to all the metal found in this box.

Here's Johnny doing what he loves best:  junking in New Jersey. The dark, blue containers play off the light, blue sky.


Unknown said...

Liz, I love the color of junk, too! :)

Anne said...

Fun!! Lovely blog; I'm a new follower!
Anne ♥♥

johnny boy said...

It's too bad I couldn't find a can of spray-on hair!

Crystal said...

Love the colors! These photos can stand alone as art! :-)

Lisa said...

I see the colors, I see the possibilities. I would take those insulators. Love how you presented this post, Liz. love it.

hugs to you,