Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hey, Buddy!

Calling All Vintage Toy Enthusiasts! John just listed this fabulous Buddy L merry-go-round truck on eBay. This vintage find is still in the box and is in mint condition. To learn more, click here.

There's nothing like scoring some good finds at an estate sale. Does this bring back memories for anyone? This little truck was a bit before my time.

John also listed this vintage Skipper doll on eBay. Click here for details.

This little beauty has never been removed from this box. The cellophane is still wrapped around her head. What a find, and here's to that special someone who receives it just in time for Christmas.


Lisa said...

I don't believe it, the Skipper, never opened, that is a find, I didn't get a skipper when I was young, I didn't even have Barbi, I had Midge! still have her but not in as great condition as your Skipper. I have to go take a look!

Home Again said...

Hey Miss Liz And nobody else saw this truck? How does John do it? He's the man!