Thursday, October 14, 2010

Need Help Identifying Vintage Lighting

John purchased two pieces of vintage lighting at a house sale last year in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. He'd like to list them on ebay, but he's not sure what to list them as. John knows his collectibles, but these pieces have him stumped. He has a feeling that these pieces are homemade, and he tends to think they may be from the late '40s or '50s.

Here's a picture of this particular piece when it's lit up. Very cool. I'm wondering if it was meant to be placed on top of a television.

This is a picture of the back.

This piece of lighting does not have a stand, so I guess it once hung on the wall.

If anyone has any information about vintage lighting, please drop me a line. I'd love to learn more.


C. said...

LIz- those lamps/fixtures are so cool- sure you want to sell them?
You asked about my method with my WIP- I use plain old paper mache` over a wire armature and then when its to a finshing point I use paper clay over that. On this larger piece I am experimenting with making paper clay from a recipe- mostly to save money and because I will need a large amount. I still believe the final layer will be Creative Paper Clay as it is finer than my version. I'm always looking for better ways to get to the end result and am open to new ideas. Where I glue down the frit I am going to adhere it directly to the paper mache' layer as I am afraid it won't adhere to the paper clay. We'll see- its new to me! Thanks for your comment- I appreciate hearing from other artists:)

We Blog Artists said... info.
BUT a thanks for passing by this morning...
Have a great weekend

Crystal said...

What a cool and unusual piece! I just love old pieces found at yard sales and antique shops. My parents once owned an antique shop and I wish I could help with identification and value, but alas, I did not inherit their abilities. :-)

C. said...

Hi Liz- I didn't see a place to e-mail you so I'll just leave another comment here. I did use paper mache' from the bag. I bought a 5# bag. It was much more economical. I am trying out a home-made recipe for paper clay and you may be interested in it- I'll have to post about it. It is finer in consistency than paper mache but not as expensive as paper clay and dries hard.

Lisa said...

Wish I could send you in the right direction for these lamps. I've not seen anything like them before, but they do have that late 40s feel to them. I'm sure you've searched high and low, I do recall an article I've read about vintage lighting and sources, now I'll have to jog my memory as to where I read it from.


Sandra Caldwell said...

Nope never seen them before...they are kewl...Goggle them. Good luck!

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Liz, thank you so much for your input about my bling. Really appreciate it. I wish I could help you with the lighting question. They are great, someone will love them for sure! Hugs, Riki

Tracy Nuskey Dodson said...

alas, i'm no help either but they are really cool looking! i love how they look lit up.

thanks so much for stopping by my blog:)

Marie S said...

Oh aren't those fun?
Don't know either. Sorry.