Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Trip to The Fair

When you live in northeast Pennsylvania, a visit to the Bloomsburg Fair is a must. According to the sign, this little fellow is called a herd bull. He's cute, and he's sporting some cool jewelry in his nose. Ouch!

The steamed clams were delicious.


If you want the BEST potato pancakes at the fair, you have to stop by Running Deer's stand.

The folks at Running Deer are quick and efficient when it comes to cranking out the goods. The lines today weren't too long, but they know how to keep the flow going.

There's nothing like the sheer insanity of these freak show posters. Spider Girl looks pretty creepy, although I didn't see her in person.

Imagine seeing a two-headed cat? Yikes.

If you're looking for mindless entertainment, you can play "I Got It" for 50 cents. Simply toss each ball into a little box. The first person to get all of the balls in a row shouts, "I got it." You should see some of the prizes. Johnny won a Black Sabbath mirror. We know where that's going. Don't get me wrong. I like Black Sabbath (to a certain degree), but not on my wall.

Check out those bugged-out eyes on those bananas. I had enough for one year.


Crystal said...

Enjoyed your photos of the fair. The State Fair is going on right now In Va. and looking at your photos I am so wanting to go. :-)

Len said...

I love the sideshow graphics.