Thursday, May 29, 2008

This Cat Really Gets Around!

Fellow artist and friend, Sandra Caldwell, wrote a wonderful article titled The Big & Little of ATC ACEO Cards, which is featured in the June - July 2008 issue of the Prim Sisters Gazette. Sandra provides her readers with some of the history behind ACEOs and ATCs, and she packs the article with lots of interesting information about this wonderful art form.

Sandra kindly references the article I wrote for the winter issue of ACEO Magazine, and she features my Halloween ACEO for her article. This cat really gets around these days! Love that grin.

Please visit to read the latest issue of the Prim Sisters Gazette, or simply click on the title of this post.


Sandra Caldwell said...

Oh Thanks for the kind words about my article...I did enjoy doing it...There is so much we all don't know about this art form. I really love it ! Can you tell..LOL
Thanks for the post on your are more than welcome...having you in the article was a pleasure !!
Just made it better!!
Tah Tah..Sandra

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Love the Halloween cupcake!