Thursday, May 1, 2008

Clockface Earrings

Several people asked about these earrings since I started wearing them again. I fabricated these earrings in 1990 using sterling silver, etched sheet metal from David H. Fell. Although I've done my own etching before, I found this company's etched metal wonderful to work with.

Using a jeweler's saw, I simply cut two squares from the sheet metal. Then I soldered the clockface components on each piece of sheet metal. I used round wire and hammered it flat to create each number. To create the silver dots, I used my acetylene torch to "ball up" some old scrap metal. I love how old scrap metal forms into a ball when you hold a torch over it. Then I used a little bit of Black Max from Rio Grande to give the earrings an antique finish.

Click on the title of this post to learn more about David H. Fell.


Sandra Caldwell said...

Now those are kewl...Hi Liz....How are you?
Oh what fun earrings.
I have some ideas for earring if you are interested...I use to make a lot of earrings. Of course that were out of clay, wood,leather, fabric....But metal ideas are good!!
But I love earrings...I have over 200 pairs.... I think I collect I do not wear them all anymore. LOL
I will have to check out what you are selling.
Ok takecare sweetie.

Heather Freeman Radel said...

Hi Liz! Your blog looks fantastic. You have been busy! Thanks for being such a great inspiration.
Keep in touch-