Sunday, November 11, 2012

Restoring The Grotto

Today was the re-dedication of the grotto at Saint Leo's Church, and it was a time to give thanks to everyone who had a hand in restoring the grotto.


This easel shows a few pictures of the work that was involved in bringing the grotto back to life.

I'm so glad I talked one of the parents into keeping Mary's original crown. Prior to restoring the crown of stars, it was a brass-colored metal, and the light bulbs were blue. A fresh coat of paint and new light bulbs brought the crown back to life.

 There are now curtains in the entrance way. They also put a new floor in the grotto.


The fountain is now running again, and they purchased "flameless" candles for the grotto.

 ~ The altar in the grotto ~



Tina said...

Really looks great.

karen said...

Very beautiful and inspirational. :)

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Crystal said...

It looks wonderful! :-)