Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Pics Backstage at Wicked

Lynn and I were two lucky ladies last Saturday. Here we are backstage at The Gershwin Theatre in New York City an hour before the curtains came up for Wicked.

 ~ The Great Wizard of Oz ~

Here's the real Wizard of Oz, actor Adam Grupper (left), and John (right), head carpenter at The Gershwin Theatre in New York City. John was a good sport. We're extremely grateful for the backstage tour. I especially loved walking down the "suicide stairs" he built into the back of the stage for quick exits. What a trip that was!

I also enjoyed walking through the green room and getting a glimpse of the actors before the show. They looked as calm and cool as can be.  Walking through the orchestra pit was a tight squeeze.

 Here we are on stage in front of the house that blew away in the tornado.

 ~ Glinda's "bubble" ~

 ~ A professional craftsman creating a wig for a member of the cast ~

~ The masks for the flying monkeys and Dr. Dillamond (the goat) ~


C. said...

Liz- what a cool post and what a great experience! So very interesting to see the workings behind the scene~ thank you!

Tina said...

How amazing. I'm a visual arts junkie and this has been my fix today

Pretty Things said...

How cool to see the back end of things! So lucky. I've had a few experiences like this, like getting to go into the "forbidden" parts of Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's home) and things like that. I always felt so lucky!