Sunday, June 5, 2011

Canned Heat Coming Up!

Having a boyfriend in the collectibles business is always an adventure. You never know what he's going to find at auctions, flea markets, and estate sales (not to mention those dirty, dank basements). So, when John scored these old concert posters, a bit of local history emerged. Wilkes College has since gone on to become a university.

The West Side Armory in Kingston, Pennsylvania is now referred to as The Kingston Armory, which hosted many good shows over the years. One of which was the famous Blue Oyster Cult concert on September 25, 1980, where many non-ticket holders tried to storm the doors. See some actual footage from that incident  here. From the looks of those overturned cars, I think those concert goers were a bit upset.

Here's another vintage concert poster. Three bands at $7.00 a ticket sounds like a good deal. The only song I can relate to the Chambers Brothers is "Time Has Come Today." The band Mountain is still going strong. Check out their Web site here.

The subtle gradation from one color to the next is very soothing. Perhaps I should say it's hypnotizing. How appropriate for that era.

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Crystal said...

Very cool! I love old posters and such. In my dining room I have framed the menu and prices of a restaurant in My town. The prices are ridiculously cheap! The restaurant is now a hairdressers salon! :-)