Friday, May 27, 2011

Retail Inspiration

With Memorial Day approaching, I finally forced myself to get away from my drawing table today. It's a hard thing to do, but I did it.  

Cracker Barrel always has the neatest gifts, especially when it comes to our patriotic holidays. This is the first time I ever saw red, white, and blue DOTS.

Here's a sassy, patriotic jumper for the little ones. Where was this dress when I was a kid?

Hats off to bright orange and tropical blue. Did someone say beach? I'm thinking of Tybee Island or St. Augustine at the moment.

Speaking of the beach, I'm currently working on a new nautical-themed design collection with lots of seashells. You know summer is right around the corner when the retail stores start showing their beach-inspired home decor and tableware. I love those sea-foam greens and shabby-chic colors.


Crystal said...

I love, love, love cracker barrel. In fact I like it when you have to wait to be seated in the restaurant so I can look at the all the gifts in the shop. Have a great Holiday! :-)

C. said...

Hey Liz- this post makes me feel way better about the time I was entranced by the colors of gumballs in the machine at the video store and was secretly trying to take pictures of it with my phone without alarming all the normal people in the world!