Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Watercolor Inspiration

I have the pleasure of teaching some very talented students at Crestwood's Adult Education Program. I'd like to share some of my students' watercolors with you. Mark paints magnificent landscapes (above and below).

For a first-time watercolor student, Renee is doing a great job with her painting (above).

As always, Eleanor does a fantastic job with her landscapes (above and below). Her colors look like pastels.

The following paintings are various murals at Crestwood High School. I've always admired the workmanship of these murals. The students did a fantastic job.

The eyes say it all. This student definitely captured the insanity of Dali.

This is my favorite mural in the school. The artist's name is Rachael Acri, and the mural is dated 1987.


Lisa said...

I've said it before and I'll say it're a great teacher.

I hope that each and every student keeps painting. I wish I had when I was young, who knows where I'd be now. But it's never to late.

Lots of hugs,

Crystal said...

You have some very talented students. I love the murals...awesome! :-)

C. said...

Love that cat and the fishbowl. So great to see the student's work- thanks for sharing it!