Saturday, April 9, 2011

Estate Sales

Here's to another fun-filled Saturday spent at several different estate sales in Kingston. Our first stop was at a house on South Dawes Avenue. Since I often jog by this house, I was curious to see what it looked like inside. I'm going to miss saying hello to the woman who lived there with her scruffy, little poodle named Muffin.

From the outside, one would never dream that the house would have so many interesting rooms, such as the one with the fireplace. The ceiling was so high, and there was so much light. This room would make a great studio.

This is the breezeway between the house and the attached garage.

There's nothing like the old sparkle of vintage, glass ornaments. Although they've seen better days, I'm sure they'd still look great on a Christmas tree.

~ Old, aluminum cake trays~

I like how the shelves are accessible via both sides of the wall. As you can see, there's nothing but junk sitting on the shelves.

~ Artwork on the face of an old TV tray ~

If anything, estate sales are great places to pick up good books. I already have the book on the right, but I thought one of my friends would enjoy reading it. I never heard of the other author, but for a quarter, you can't go wrong.


Lisa said...

Hey Liz, thanks for your sweet comment, on my wips!
Couldn't resist could you, but you never know what treasures you might find at a sale. I usually don't have the funds when the goods are going on! Enjoy the read, the author does sound familiar to me, from somewhere, hmm!

Have a great week ahead,

Amanda said...

i need to keep myself away from sales like that! i love old stuff way too much!!