Saturday, March 12, 2011

Looking For a Good Home

We've had a visitor for a few days now. He's a beautiful, gray kitten, and he's super friendly. Even though Julius and Chiseler like this little guy, John and I are looking for a good home for this kitty.

He has a pleasant demeanor, and he'd make a great pet. I hope he finds a good family.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cat! He looks like a 'Russian Blue' I had one for many years. They are wonderful! I would take him in a heartbeat, if I lived close to you ! I hope you find a good home for him, and don't have to take him to the S.P.C.A.

Crystal said...

I hope he finds a good home. The SPCA usually does a wonderful job of finding homes for pets. This is how my Olivia, showed up at my door, homeless and starving. It thought about calling the place that finds homes for cats through pet smart, and then she found her way into my heart. Its been two years and she now rules the house. :-)

Lisa said...

Oh no! I hope you do find a good home. If I was closer, I'd probably take him. I'll cross my fingers, for him!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comment. I was ticked when I wrote it, (no pun), I spent some time searching for info, to much time, so that's why I wrote what I wrote!

Have a great week,
xoxo Lisa