Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jewelry Pages on LizRevit.com

Over the Christmas holiday, I photographed samples of my jewelry, and created several pages for the jewelry pages on my Web site.  Thank goodness for Photoshop!

It's amazing how many pieces of jewelry one can make over the years. I have several pieces of jewelry on my Web site that I created when I was learning metalsmithing techniques with instructors Gary Grossman and Norah Masseti. They were fabulous teachers and great sources of inspiration and encouragement.

Feel free to stop by my Web site, and let me know what you think. I always welcome your comments. Click here to visit the jewelry pages.


Crystal said...

Liz, Your jewelry designs are to die for! I saw your recent design in the bead magazine at my local bookstore and it is absolutely gorgeous. You are certainly a talented lady. :-)

Lisa said...

Liz, you're a professional! I checked out your website, and it's great! You are so talented.
Your jewelry, then, is just as magnificent as now!
Have a great week ahead, Lisa

Michael Scholl said...

Wow, Liz! Fantastic work!

Home Again said...

Hey Miss Liz. The pieces are just beautiful. They should be in a major department store.