Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspirational Patterns

I love interesting patterns. When I designed hand-painted wedding runners, I used a lot of swirls and interesting shapes reminiscent of the Art Nouveau era to paint what seemed to be never-ending pieces of fabric.

Today, I had the chance to admire the beauty of stained glass windows at Wyoming Valley Montessori School in Kingston.

The bright colors remind me of the neon lights you'd see in Las Vegas. The black background really makes the colors pop.

I love how the deep red slowly morphs into the black background.

I'm starting to see popcorn here.

~A medallion~

~The Mother Ship~

~Electric blue~

Look at those colors!

Here's to another inspirational day.


Crystal said...

This stained glass is oh so beautiful. Beauty like this is always an inspiration to creative people! :-)

Lisa said...

it is inspirational, just what we all need! It reminds of the stained glass, in those wonderful old world paintings. Ah I love your talent.
Sorry I haven't been by in a while, just tired.

Hugs to you