Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snowflake Crafts

I'm currently working on a Christmas project that involves snowflakes, and I've been playing around with different ways to create paper snowflakes. Six of the snowflakes on the left-hand side of this photo show how I adhered tulle fabric to the back of each snowflake. I'm not too crazy about the color choice of the tulle, so I decided to continue making the snowflakes without the tulle.

After designing the snowflakes, I sprayed each one with Aleene's Spritz-On Reposition-It Tacky Glue. Then I sprinkled on some silver glitter.

I love this product! It's so easy to use. Just a quick spritz, and a dash of glitter, and you're done. Aleene's Spritz-On Reposition-It Tacky Glue is a wonderful alternative to using regular glue and applying it the old-fashioned way, which is the time-consuming way.


Christine Altmiller said...

liz, i love the tulle idea! it would look fantastic in white or a light blue or light lavender. it adds a little something. lovely.

Crystal said...

I just love snowflakes and the fact that no two are ever exactly alike! I can't wait to see how your new project turns out. :-)

Tina said...

These are great! Love em! I'm so in the mood to craft for Christmas and seeing this makes me really want to. Love the glitter and I'll have to try that glue.

ReneeBuchananArt said...

Liz, I really like how the tulle looks... I think it would be beautiful with subtle reflections of the lights on the tree :) You have a LOT more patience than I do... How long did it take to do one snowflake?

Liz Revit said...

The snowflakes did not take long to make. The scissors did all the work!

After I cut the snowflakes, I simply used the spritz-on glue, added some glitter, and I was done.

It's a very easy project.