Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coming Soon to The Hodge Podgery

I understand my Recycle With Style ™ jewelry was a hit at The Hodge Podgery, so they've asked me for more. Here's a peek at some of what I've been working on tonight for the ladies.

I was thrilled to finally get to use the new beads that I bought at Philly Bead Fest in August.

The orange chips are a magnificent color. Wait until the folks at the Hodge Podgery get a closer look.

I love the color of these dark, mossy green pearls.

The beads in these earrings are show-stoppers. They're like big pieces of root beer candies.

On another note, I thought this Greek salad that John brought home today was a work of art. Check out the way the Feta cheese is layered on top of the bed of greens. If you're in the Kingston area, check out Angelo's One Pound Cheese Steaks on Wyoming Avenue. They have the best salads, gyros, and cheese steaks.

Makes you hungry, doesn't it?


Len said...

That Greek salad looks really good! Not hot on cheese steaks.

Periwinkle Paisley said...

That salad looks gooood!

adrienne trafford said...

i love this jewelry! i wish you had some down here in the Goggleworks store - it's so clever and i'd totally have to wear them...also that salad looks scrumptious!