Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sharing More of My Students' Artwork

I received so many nice comments on my blog about my students' artwork that I posted last week. I appreciate all the kind words, and my students were thrilled to learn what people had to say.

I thought I'd provide another update on some of the works in progress. The picture above shows Melanie's lovely flower painting that she started last week.

This is what the painting looked like when Melanie finished it this evening. Melanie did a fantastic job on this piece.

Mark started a new painting of the Lehigh River Gorge, which is a favorite recreation spot in northeast Pennsylvania. The painting looks great so far, and I'm sure Mark will get a lot done by the time we meet for class in two weeks. I'll be anxious to see what he accomplishes on his own. Knowing Mark, he'll have the painting done when he comes back to class.

Rachael always creates such whimsical paintings. I like her style and the subject matter. All of her paintings have a fun and lighthearted feel to them.

Eleanor is basically done with this painting. She just needs to add a few more branches and limbs to some of the trees in the back on the left-hand side of the painting. The tree in the middle is so beautiful! It looks like one of those trees that you'd find in a fairytale, but Eleanor actually saw this tree in person and photographed it herself to use as her reference.Any gnome would love to call that tree home.

Lisa put her painting aside tonight to look for some new reference material. She just has to do a little bit more work on the bird and on the pink flowers. Then she can call it finished. The painting looks great so far.

I hope you enjoyed this update. As always, we love to hear from you all!


Lisa said...

They should be very proud of themselves. Great job teach!


Heather said...

Thank you for stopping in and leaving such a nice comment.

Your student’s watercolors are beautiful. I love Mark’s landscape paintings. He really does beautiful work.

Have a wonderful week, Heather

Anonymous said...

I always love seeing the diversity of their work! I think that they all are doing a fabulous job!!!

Sandra Caldwell said...

Each student is doing very well...outstanding work ! And they have a great teacher...