Sunday, February 21, 2010

There's a Story Behind This Magnet

This is a magnet that John made for me in 1999. It features the picture of General Alexander Haig, who served as U.S. Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan. There's a story behind this magnet.

While working in the legal department of a finance company in the early 1990s, I became good friends with Rosemary Goodwin, who was one of the attorneys. Rosemary is now an author, and she's a great artist.

I love famous quotes, and I'm always fascinated how people use them in everyday life. One day, Rosemary came off with the "move over, I'm in charge" line when all the bosses were out of the office. To know Rosemary is to know someone with a wicked, good sense of humor. She's English, so she has it! Well, when Rosemary used that line, I lost it.

When I told John about Rosemary "being in charge of the legal department" that day, it inspired him to create this lovely magnet for my desk at work. John also made an Al Haig magnet for Rosemary. This magnet followed me wherever I went, and now it has its place on my refrigerator at home.

I always thought that Alexander Haig got a bum rap for his "As of now, I am in control here" line when President Reagan was shot. I honestly don't think he meant it the way it was portrayed. Here's actual footage of Alexander Haig when he made that statement.

This is the back of the magnet, which measures approximately five inches by five inches. John even signed his name to this lovely, little masterpiece.

May General Alexander Haig rest in peace. He died yesterday at the age of 85.


Rosemary Goodwin said...

Thanks for your generous remarks! We did have some fun days - not many - but some at that company.

Lisa said...

Liz, thanks for stopping by, it's the way we all meet each other, and I think there's a little of "move over I'm in charge" in all of us.
To answer your question, I use paper mache, and paper clay, I'm venturing into sculpey, we shall see. I am also trying more detail. Thanks for hearting me on Etsy, I need to work and add more pieces, just, that time runs away. I will be back.