Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Drive

Today was a great day for a Sunday drive. This is Route 11 as we're heading south toward Front Street in Berwick.


When in Berwick, a stop at May's Bar-B-Q is a must. To be honest with you, we actually drove down the road to May's Restaurant for a more traditional meal, but John couldn't resist the temptation of the chili dogs at May's Bar-B-Q. They have delicious, saucy pizza.  We did, however, stop at May's Restaurant on the way back from our trip to purchase two quarts of their famous chili.


 Look at these prices! I had two cuts of pizza and a small soda. John ordered a chili dog, ham bar-b-q, and fries. The bill was eleven dollars and change.


 The Susquehanna River in Northumberland is picturesque. This area of the river is damned up.


~Another picture of the Susquehanna River~


 I always loved this building in Northumberland, even though it's a funeral home.


I love the flags on this porch. Check out that dirty snow.

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adrienne trafford said...

this is such a great idea - i love reading your blog and seeing where you live