Saturday, February 13, 2010

Signs of Spring at Home Again


 I stopped in to see Mary of Home Again today on this beautiful, sunny day. Mary's store is always a pleasure to visit because her store is always loaded with new merchandise.

Mary has an in-store event coming up on Saturday, March 20 with the fabulous Cindy Mitchell from Mary Kay cosmetics. I'll post a bit more about the event soon, so stay tuned. 

Mary does a great job with displays. My Art Nouveau-inspired painting is hiding behind one of the glass doors.


 I love the details and colors in this magnificent throw.


 This lovely painting is by local artist Charlotte Kindler.


Anyone for tea?


ooglebloops said...

Great photos - of course, you know I love the tea set!!!

Home Again said...

Hey Miss Liz. Thanks so much for the beautiful photos of the store. You see things that I don't. You have the eye. Mary