Friday, February 19, 2010

I've Been Tagged - Memories of Knoebels June 2009

One of my favorite blogs to read is the Blue Eyed Dragonfly. Heather's artwork is lovely and whimsical. I love her color palette and her choice of subject matter. She's a fellow Pennsylvania artist, and her creativity is amazing.

Heather "photo tagged" me, and here are the rules.

1. Open your first photo folder.

2. Scroll to the tenth photo.

3. Post the photo and the story behind it.

4. Tag five or more people.

The rules called for one photo, but this is a strip of photos I just couldn't separate. Besides, they show how John makes me laugh. He can't help himself.

So, here's the story behind my photos, which were taken on June 9, 2009, at Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. John and I love, love, love Knoebels.  It's quaint, charming, and nostalgic. They have the BEST amusement park food, and they have the BEST wooden roller coasters. They also have free parking and free admission, which is great for us because other than the trains or the haunted house, John does not ride the rides. I took him on the Phoenix roller coaster over ten years ago when we first started dating, and he got rattled. That was my fault because we rode in the back seat. I should have put him in the front seat.

Anyway, whenever we go to Knoebels, we make it a point to get our photos taken in the old photo booth, which is located in one of the arcades. We've acquired so many of these black-and-white photos over the years.I love these photos because they bring back so many fond memories of this wonderful amusement park.

Check out some of my roller coaster videos to see firsthand what a blast these wooden coasters are. Featured below are some of the photos taken on our June 9, 2009, visit to Knoebels. 

Before showing more photos, I'm tagging:

I love the miniature golf at Knoebels. Check out these insanely-shaped, green lamps. When John and I play miniature golf, I always beat him. Heee! Heee!


I love these cool props in the miniature golf area. This reminds me of one of those mushrooms in H.R. PufnStuf.

Hey, Mr. Rabbit. 


This is one of John's favorite food pavilions, which is right in front of the haunted house. 

The famous haunted house. Boo!

What a handsome vulture!

Wow! Check out this classic ride.

This is the top of a huge pavilion with a birthday cake for a roof. I'd love to meet the person who designed this. It's total insanity. If Salvador Dali were living, this would be his cup of tea.In fact, the entire park would be his cup of tea.

This is the old roller skating rink at Knoebels. This building, which was closed in the morning when we visited, brings back fond memories from my childhood. Mom and I used to go roller skating here, and it was always jam packed with skaters. The rink was small, but it still rocked. 

This rink featured a traditional wooden floor, which is the best skating surface. I hate roller skating rinks that use fake concrete or whatever and try to pass them off as roller skating rinks. NOT! 


Here's a picture of the old rink when it opened in the afternoon. Even though the building is no longer a roller skating rink, it still has the magnificent wooden floor, so I always go in and sit on the wooden benches and soak it all in. I look at the floor and recall how many people used to inch their way onto the floor just to get a skate in. This skating rink was always packed. Those were the days.

This is another view of the old roller rink.

When I hit it big, I'm going to move into the little stone cottage, which is now a candy store.


 I'd make this my home, and I'd put the studio either upstairs or where they make the candy.






Heather said...

Great pictures, when I was a kid my grandparents used to take us up there. My sister and I loved the haunted house, log flume and the Phoenix. I grew up near Dorney Park, my elementary school was in walking distance and my great-grandmother lived on the street that was the original entrance to the park. Knoebels is much nicer, thanks for playing and for the great comments.

Lauren said...

Liz, thanks for the tag! Great post as well. I, too, share an affinity for Knoebels and try to get down there at least once over the summer, even if it's only for a few rides and a homemade pickle on a stick, the best!