Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last-Minute Running Around

In all of this last-minute prep work for Christmas Eve dinner, I had time to "collect" some Christmas cookies, drop off some Christmas gifts, and receive some Christmas gifts. This beautiful tree belongs to my friend Georgie. She's a fabulous artist, great friend, and she always designs the most unique Christmas cards. Are there presents under this tree?

My friend Becky is a talented jeweler and designer. She designed this wonderful Christmas ornament. Becky now sells her jewelry and ornaments in the new Art Seen Gallery on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre. Be sure to check out the gallery for some last-minute Christmas presents.

I couldn't leave Mom's house without some Italian cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter cookies. Love, love, love the Italian cookies. This year, Mom made them with a lemon flavor instead of anise. That's OK because my friend Lynn of Lynn's Craft World swung by my afternoon art class with a little surprise.

Lynn knows how much I love her anise-flavored Italian cookies. So, she was kind enough to give me my own bag. Lynn, you're the best!

Lynn also gave me a bag of ginger Biscotti from Nonni's. They're great with tea or hot chocolate.

John's cousin Joanie gave us this wonderful napkin holder. Made in Bermuda, the wooden napkin holder looks like my cat Julius. I love it!


sharon said...

It all looks so yummy!

Merry Christmas Liz!

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Liz. I just gained five lbs. just looking at your blog! Okay this is the answer to the four guys. Are you ready? Drum roll please. The Young Rascals! Groovy! I bet John is kicking himself. Happy Holiday Liz. See you in the new year.

Lynn Catnes said...

Liz....glad you liked those cookies! You are just the best too! I am so glad we are friends!

Lynn Catnes said...

Glad you liked those cookies....they are my favorite too! You are the best also Liz....have a good one!