Thursday, December 10, 2009

Four Seasons of Beading Now Available

~image used with permission by DRG Publishing~Four Seasons of Beading

As a writer and designer for jewelry and crafting projects, the most satisfying part of the process is seeing my creations in print. It takes a long time until a book or magazine hits the bookshelves, but that's what makes the entire process worthwhile.

When I opened the door this morning, the new book titled Four Seasons of Beading by Barb Switzer was sitting on my doorstep. Once again, Barb did a wonderful job on this project. The photographs in this book are spectacular.

Wow! What an honor it is to be in the same book as Barb Switzer, Molly Schaller, Margot Potter, Candie Cooper, Fernando Dasilva, and all the other great designers!

~image used with permission by DRG Publishing~

This necklace is called Sea Treasure. The focal pendant is by bead artist Joan Miller. I purchased the pendant at last year's Philadelphia Bead Show. I knew the pendant would work well with the cathedral glass beads by Blue Moon Beads that I purchased from A.C. Moore as well as the chunks of turquoise and amethyst chips purchased from Fusion Beads.

No stringing project would be complete without the pewter beads called "pewties" by Talisman Associates. The seashell beads were purchased from Sweet Creek Inc.

~image used with permission by DRG Publishing~

Since I have the pleasure of teaching art and jewelry making at our local A.C. Moore store in Wilkes-Barre, I always get to see all the latest products. I love that aspect of teaching at this fabulous craft store! When I spied the new resin beads by Plaid Enterprises, I went nuts!

I also purchased the green pearls by Blue Moon Beads from A.C. Moore. Again, the pewter beads are from Talisman Associates, the Swarovski crystals are from Fusion Beads, and the head pins and jump rings are from Fire Mountain Gems.

If you like these resin charms, fellow jewelry designer Candie Cooper has a fabulous changeable pendant project on page 122 using long, resin charms by Plaid Enterprises.

As a metalsmith, I had the chance to take a class with a pioneer in resin for jewelry making in the early 90s with Susan Sloan. Believe me. This is a long process, and if you like quick and easy jewelry making like Margot Potter does, it's worth purchasing these resin beauties by Plaid Enterprises.

If you're looking for some fabulous jewelry projects, ask for this new book at your local craft or bookstore, or visit to pick up a copy today.

Now on to my next project.


sharon said...

Yipeee Liz!! Congrat's , and so well deserved! Will have to pick up a copy!

Margot Potter said...


Lovely work! The book is really yummy, isn't it?!



Sandra Caldwell said...

oH wow what an honor...But you have the talent sweetie. Love the earrings. Great work as usual.
Keep them coming.

Joan Miller said...

Congrats! I am so tickled you used my mermaid pendant. Can't wait to get the book. I need it signed though!

Lynn Catnes said...

Congratulations Liz! You rock!!!! And your designs just get better and better! Happy Holidays!

Lynn Catnes said...
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Lynn Catnes said...
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Lynn Catnes said...

Congratulations Liz! What a fabulous design....they get better and better! Happy Holidays!I'll be getting a copy of this one!