Friday, December 18, 2009

Berwick Lights

John and I had the opportunity to take in the 63rd Annual Christmas Boulevard hosted by the Berwick Jaycees.
As you drive down Market Street in Berwick, Pennsylvania, you'll see many scenes that celebrate the Christmas season. They did a wonderful job with the manger.

Is this a gopher or a woodchuck?

I'm not sure what these cats are doing in the trees. Although, they kind of look like Julius, and he likes climbing trees.

A representative from Young's Funny Farm was on hand with several wild burros. Gotta love these beautiful animals. They're so adorable. Please visit Young's Funny Farm for more information. They provide a home to abandoned and rescued animals, and their animals are used as therapy animals.

I always loved the Heat Miser's hair. He's such a hot head. Check out that message.

When in Berwick, a visit to May's Family Restaurant is a must. May's Restaurant has the BEST chili (next to Mom's, of course). Their chili is loaded with chunks of beef, beans, and tomatoes, and the chili has just a touch of sugar to taste. John and I always take a quart of chili to go.

When my best friends Stacy and Bill were with me on the skating circuit, we always stopped by May's before our big night of roller skating at Skate Town in Bloomsburg. Ahhh...the good old days. It was even better when Jen joined us too.

If you're looking for a great, home-style meal at a good price, May's is your place. The turkey and stuffing dinner (with three sides) was a whopping $7.90. When I learned macaroni and cheese was one of the sides tonight, I ordered two along with the chili. You also get rolls, corn bread, and cranberry sauce with your meal. The leftovers are even better.

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