Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July in Jim Thorpe

Here's to a fabulous 4th of July in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. On our way into this lovely, little town, I caught a glimpse of the rafters making their way down the Lehigh River. Look at that blue sky!

Here's a nice shot of the Asa Packer mansion in the distance.

When in Jim Thorpe, we always stop at The Emerald Restaurant for onion soup or JT's Steak House for shrimp. Today, the onion soup won.

As we made our way up Broadway Street, I had the pleasure of meeting Ruth Bush, a talented artist from Lehighton. Her artwork has a romantic, old-world feeling to it. She licenses her artwork for use on consumer products, and her prints are available online at a variety of places including and For originals, be sure to visit her gallery, which is located at 84B Broadway in Jim Thorpe. The selection of artwork is unbelievable.

I love walking down Race Street. Check out some of these cool pictures.

Another favorite stop is The Country Cottage, which is located at 37 Race Street. The owner makes the best pickles I've ever tasted. That's the honest truth. The pickles are $8.50 a jar, and they're worth every penny! Last year, John and I bought a case of them. That's how good they are. Since returning home, I've already eaten five of these tasty delights, and I'll guarantee that this jar will be empty by night's end. The good news is that the owner will ship these pickles to you.

Chiseler knows a good pickle when he sees (or smells) one!

I also picked up some old buttons at The Country Cottage. For $2.00, you can purchase a generous scoop of buttons. They're perfect for jewelry making and all those country crafts. The Country Cottage also has a nice selection of country decor and candles.

While on Race Street, I stopped by to see Debbie at Homespun, where fellow artist Christine Altmann and I sell our artwork. Homespun sells a variety of prim/country home-decor items, furnishings, artwork, stationery, candles, and soaps. If you're looking for something unique for that special someone, be sure to stop by Homespun.
I couldn't resist these hand-made soaps by Parsonage Soap in cinnamon oatmeal, lemongrass, and lemon poppy fragrances. I just opened the lemon poppy, and I love it!

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