Sunday, June 29, 2008

Truly Honored!!!

I'm truly honored to have been awarded the first 2008 Whymzee Art Award from According to this site, they showcase what they believe to be the top creative blogs or Web sites and artists currently online. WOW!

My good friend and talented artist, Sandra Caldwell of, nominated me for the award.

Be sure to visit this wonderful, new blog to learn more.


Lisa Johnson said...

You really deserved it Liz you are an asset to all of us. Lisa

Lynn Catnes said...

Bravo to you Liz! You truly deserve this award!! Congratulations to a great friend and mentor! And the best teacher ever! Lynn >^..^<

Sandra Caldwell said...

You more than deserve this award....I know talent when I see it...LOL
Congrats dear friend!