Friday, November 25, 2011

Home Again For The Holidays

Fresh, crisp, warm, and inviting are the words that come to mind when I shopped at Home Again this afternoon. Mary, the owner of this lovely store located at 69 Main Street in Luzerne, has a way with decorating and pulling everything together.

Mary has a natural flair for window dressing, and the inside of her store is even that much better.

Around every little corner, you'll find something new.

I picked up some of these adorable hand-poured candles in the luscious "snow cream" scent by the West Virginia company called A Primitive Glow. Thanks for the large candle, Mary! I can't wait to fire that baby up. It's sitting on my desk right now.

~A pinecone in the warm glow~

~A lonely, little pinecone lying on its side~

~The smile of a primitive snowman just hanging out~

~Berries in front of a stained glass backdrop~

~An evening dress of days gone by~

~Thoughts of peace and tranquility~


Home Again said...

Thank you so much Miss Liz. It is such a treat when you come by. Never a dull moment!


Home Again said...

Thanks Miss Liz. Always a welcome treat when you stop by.


sharon said...

These are beautiful photos Liz! I love this style....I reeeallly have to stop at this store!

Heather said...

Hi Liz,

The snowman candles are so cute. I don't think I could burn them! I hope you had a nice holiday weekend!


C. said...

1. That picture of the white boughs is amazing.
2. I was just taking in all the magazines and books you have been featured in.....WOW! You're famous! Hmm, you must have a lot of fans besides little ole' me.