Sunday, June 26, 2011

CHA Designer Challenge Update

With a deadline looming over my shoulders, I devoted the entire day to creating my mixed-media project for the CHA designer challenge. There was a delivery problem with one of the products, and it resulted in a week-long delay in my receiving the product. Designing under pressure is not a problem. It forced me to pick one of the many designs that I put to paper.

Wanting to offer both depth and versatility in my design, Velcro Brand Fasteners worked marvelously. The animal print Duck Brand Duck Tape served as the bottom for each link, while the flames and the camouflage prints worked well for the interchangeable pieces. 

The Duck Tape folks provided me with many colors and prints to choose from, but the prints just jumped out at me. 

This is what the necklace looked like from the beginning. Then I decided to shorten the length of the chains because the design can not be more than 12 inches long. At this stage, I was cutting it close because I didn't even start to add the beads.

I chose to keep the clasp as an animal print because when I added another layer to the mix (a total of three pieces stacked on top of one another), it was just too cumbersome as a clasp.

I thought a bit of blue thrown into the mix would work well with both the flames and the camouflage.

Miyuki seed beads and Swarovski crystals were added for a bit of bling.

I created scroll headpins for each dangle. Again, I think the hint of blue adds just a little extra color to this piece.

 ~ The finished necklace with flames ~

If you prefer camouflage, this is what the finished necklace looks like. 

I love the way the Velcro provides that added lift and dimension to each link. The Westcott Titanium Bonded non stick scissors were fabulous to work with. As mentioned on the product packaging, the scissors provide superior adhesive resistance. With that said, the Duck Tape did not stick to the scissors. This is the first time that I've used Westcott products, and I'm sold!

Here's a quick look at the earrings in progress. I only need to add the ear wires. I like these earrings just the way they are without the beads. Any thoughts? If so, feel free to comment, but I'll be shipping these babies out on Tuesday.


Lisa said...

Wow, I don't know how you do it, well yeah I do, just that I am amazed, you have the patience to figure this out. But I love how it turned out. Love it.
You're so artistic! sigh,,,

good to visit again,

Hugs, Lisa

Crystal said...

Liz...these designs are fantastic...winning designs if you ask me! ;-)