Sunday, February 28, 2010

Polymer Clay Workshop

These beads are my first attempt at working with Premo brand polymer clay. I had been bugging my friend Lynn to teach a polymer clay workshop, so she finally gave in.

I'm used to working with Sculpey to create beads, but Lynn suggested that we use Premo. I'm used to sculpting beads, baking them, painting them, and then baking them again. Using Premo was a bit different, but it was easy to use.

One thing I learned in class today is to work small when it comes to applying the details on each bead. The details on the first bead I made (on the left) were a bit big. Lynn suggested using less clay to get better results.

This wonderful piece is by Sally Russick. Sally used a mold for the face and then painstakingly placed each leaf around the face. This is exactly what Lynn was talking about when she said to work with smaller pieces of clay. I love the details in this piece. Be sure to check out Sally's blog here.


Christine Altmiller made some fabulous pieces. Check out that vessel in the lower right-hand corner. Notice how she placed a Swarovski crystal inside. It's like a hidden treasure. Christine, you may be on to something here. You can check out more of Christine's work here.

Nicole Ciali was going to town with her turquoise-colored pieces. I love all the details in the elongated pendant. I love the marbling effect in that pendant. Nicole also used a mold for the moon-faced bead and the letter N bead.


Nicole was diligently adding Swaroski crystals to this bead.

This is a wonderful bead that Lynn made. His face is so cute. Be sure to stop by Lynn's blog for more information about Lynn and her upcoming workshops.

The students were hard at work while Lynn oversaw their projects.

I'm busy concentrating.

Lynn's doing a demonstration.

It was a very productive and FUN day. Lynn's Craft World is the perfect learning environment. Best of all, Lynn's is an animal-friendly place.


Winston was starting to get tired by the end of class. Sassy and Zoe (the cats) even paid us a visit.

~Lynn and Winston~


onekisscreations said...

great pictures! i look forward to making more artistic beads. loved the whole process and the camaraderie!

Connie said...

Hi Liz!

I just love your beads . . . great job! The details are terrific.

Looks like everyone did great!


Anonymous said...

I had such a good time today! I really love creating the beads. You never know want is going to develop out of a little mount of clay.

Tina said...

Thanks for the peek. Looks so great.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

OM Goodness!!! Love the beads and thank you for sharing. I tried my hand at fimo beads and some turned out okay, but they are a ton of work and not nearly as nice as yours. Think I better stick to paper mache!!!! Giggle!
Thanks for stopping my Liz!!

Liz Revit said...

Ladies, I appreciate all of your kind words!

Lynn Catnes said...

We all had a really good creative and productive fun time...thanks everyone! Lynn