Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Sensations

This was my ticket for the Lou Reed concert at The Ritz in New York City on January 8, 1987. As I look at the date, I see the concert was on a Thursday night. I was in college. Didn't I have to get up for classes the next day, or did I not have any classes on Friday mornings? When you're in college, who cares? Only a two-hour drive to New York City, my brother and I ventured into the city to see what turned out to be a great concert. 

Why did I even bring this up? Blame it on YouTube. I hadn't heard Lou Reed's song titled New Sensations in years, so I decided to check it out on YouTube. After listening to the song, I looked through my bag of old concert tickets to find my ticket stub.

While speaking with my brother tonight, he reminded me that we ran into Jim Carroll of the Jim Carroll Band while attending the concert. I remember saying, "Hey, Jim" when I spotted him. Jim looked at me, but he was so out of it that he could barely lift his face. When I looked at the back of the ticket, I saw my note about seeing Jim Carroll coming out of the men's room. How's that for documentation? I see that the Del Lords were the opening act. I don't remember them, so they obviously didn't make an impression.

This is an interesting song, and I think it's cool that Lou Reed mentions the Delaware Gap in Pennsylvania in the song. To get to New York City from my neck of the woods, you have to drive over the bridge at the Delaware Water Gap.  He also mentions the country folk and the hunters. Good eye, Lou!


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