Saturday, December 5, 2009

Candy Land Christmas

As I feverishly work on my Web-design project, I had to take a break to get some photos of the community pavilion. This picture reminds me of Candy Land. The Christmas lights look like gumdrops, and the snow looks like marshmallow. Here's to the first snowfall in Northeast PA.

The lights cast a magnificent glow on the snow-covered bushes.

You know Christmas is near when you start to see all the wonderful lights.


I love all the interesting shapes that the lights and snow create.

~A magnificent sight~


Anonymous said...

Liz, Isn't the first snowfall beautiful! I had Wyatt out in it and he had a ball doing his big monster steps in the snow and clapping his hands like crazy! A true winter wonderland.

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Liz. WOW! You need to give the borough a copy of the pavilion at the bottom of the page. You gots the eye girlfriend!