Monday, November 9, 2009

Beads and Bag from Africa

What a nice surprise! I received some wonderful gifts from a loved one in the mail today.

While visiting Rwanda, which is a country in the east-central part of Africa, he bought this lovely handbag for me. This bag is beautiful. As a surface and textile designer, I can really appreciate the wonderful pattern.

Here's the bracelet, which features brightly-colored clay beads on stretchy cord. This picture shows a wonderful closeup of the handbag's pattern.

This label is proudly displayed on the outside of one of the handbag's shoulder straps. I found the Web site for the organization that makes these handbags online today. The organization is called Ineza We- Actx. Be sure to check it out as they're doing a wonderful service for the women in Rwanda. Visit to learn more.

If you own a store and you're looking to carry unique, handcrafted items, consider these products. They're well made and more beautiful in person. Better yet, they support a good cause.